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Climate in Tučepi

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Tucepi is situated on the west coast of the Adriatic Sea, on the well known Makarska Riviera.
Climate in Tucepi is Mediterranean: summers are warm to hot, and winters are cool but mild. With only one month averaging below 15° C, sub-freezing temperatures almost do not occur (less than 3% of the total time).
Annual rainfall is relatively low, with at least 65% falling in the winter. Precipitation is primarily from rainfall; this means you do not expect the snow in Tucepi.

Mountain Biokovo influences and modifies climatic patterns, forming distinct rain shadows and microclimates. Therefore, it could rain in nearby Podgora or Makarska, and not rain in Tučepi.

When to visit

It is always nice to visit Tučepi! Even when it is raining, there's something magical in the possibility to watch raindrops fall to the surface of the sea and make circles on the water...
When it is windy; it's usually Bura people are afraid of! Bura is the powerful NE wind that is blowing in rushes ("reful"), and can blow away a big boat on a dry dock or a heavy truck driving on a highway! To experience Bura means to really experience sea and Dalmatia. People usually take vacation from high to low season, so come in Tucepi at:
High season - if you like lots of sun and even more people on the beach. Prices are TOP HIGH
Middle season - you still get lots of sun, and some rain (depends how lucky you are), but place is not that crowded. Prices are moderate
Low season - can be really beautiful, but you can also enjoy the rain, again how lucky you are :) perfect for outdoor activities. Prices are sensibly lower
Really low season - if you want to talk stories about your trip :) You may freeze a bit - but you can also get full days of sun in the middle of winter; you may be blown away by the bura - but you can also enjoy the most peaceful walks beside the sea. Do not count on going on the boat trip (may be cold and too windy) or to go to Biokovo (most of the winter really, really inaccessible because of the snow).

My advice: choose middle or low season, save your money, and enjoy the most beautiful time of year to be on the seaside!

Current weather Tucepi, Croatia

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Touristic seasons in Tučepi

High season: july and august
Middle season: june and september
Low season: april, may, october, november
Really low season december, january, february, march

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